Category: Best Places to go Whitewater Rafting

Rafting the Kaituna

Rafting on the Kaituna River in Rotorua is truly an amazing experience. Steeped in Maori history the gorge of the Kaituna is also home to the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world – Tutea Falls. Warm water, outstanding scenery, heart-pumping rapids and world class guides, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Shotover river

The Shotover River is the epicenter of the world’s action sports. Here you will find bungee jumping, jetboating, skiing and of course whitewater rafting. The giant canyon walls will make you realize just how insignificant you are on this planet while you navigate some of the sweetest rapids in New Zealand.

Franklin River, Tasmania

Tasmania’s Franklin River is a must for experienced rafters and can take up to ten days for those willing to take on the entire 77 miles (124 kilometers). Don’t worry, it’s worth the effort as you take in Tasmania’s most beautiful World Heritage areas.

Tully River

There are several options for whitewater rafting in tropical north Queensland. The most famous rapids are on the North Johnston River in the World Heritage rainforests of Palmerston National Park. Rafting usually begin into the heart of the rainforest and is a 4 to 6 day journey. The Tully and Baron rivers are much accessible and provide a nice day trip from Cairns.

Orange river rafting

Not too far from Johannesburg, the Orange River is the most popular river in South Africa. Catering to all levels of ability from beginner runs, such as the section above the Augrabies Falls, to expert runs, like those near the Gorge.

Takeoff in Uganda

This river flows from vast Lake Victoria and has both wild and mild stretches. Float past untouched woodlands or rock and roll in rapids reaching Class V. Here, you’ll find some of the most outstanding technical rafting through sustained rapids in the world. Don’t be surprised if you flip, race over waterfalls, or high-side on huge rocks. You’ll lunch at islands in the middle of the river, and camp where there’s African music and dancing. A trip down this part of the Nile should only be part of a trip to Uganda.

Hold on tight

The Zambezi River means the “Great River” in the local Tonga dialect. Most of the exciting activities in the river are done in the Victoria Falls. Activities range from kayaking, canoe trips, river cruises and daily floats on both the Zimbabwe and Zambian sides. While whitewater rafting takes place through gorges of basalt rock below the falls.