Grow Spiritually in Cape Reinga

New Zealand

Cape Reinga – or as it’s known traditionally, Te Rerenga Wairua – is a sacred spiritual place for New Zealand’s Maori. If you’re visiting, remember to be respectful; although the location is idyllic and perfect for a picnic, those who come here are asked not to eat and to leave the land undisturbed.

Located right at the northernmost tip of the country’s North Island, this spot is known as “the leaping place of spirits.” It’s believed that the souls of those who passed away come to the top of the cape to slide down the old pohutukawa tree to meet the goddess Hinenuitepo in the afterlife.

Even without the Maori mythology, Cape Reinga is still a place of stunning natural beauty, with gorgeous ocean views of the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

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