Grow Spiritually in Lourdes


In 1858, the story goes that the Virgin Mary appeared to a young peasant girl named Bernadette Soubirous. The apparitions, which took place 18 times between February and July, saw the Virgin Mary appear to Bernadette as a beautiful woman in white robes.

The lady also told the 14-year-old girl to dig into the ground and drink from a spring that bubbled up to the surface. Those who also drank from the spring reported its miraculous healing properties, curing diseases from blindness to cancer. The story of the apparitions and the healing spring quickly spread and soon thousands of pilgrims were traveling to Lourdes to experience this spiritual place for themselves.

Lourdes is now one of the most popular Catholic shrines and visitor numbers grow year on year. Today, the spring has grown and pilgrims are able to bathe in its holy waters.

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