Grow Spiritually in S’Gang Gwaay

Haida Gwaii, Canada

Tucked away on a small isle in British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii archipelago (or the Queen Charlotte Islands), lies the village of S’Gang Gwaay. The village was once home to the First Nations Haida people, who lived on the islands for over 8,000 years. However, the island was abandoned in 1880s.

The totem poles left in the village have been left to the elements, and are slowly being swallowed by moss and trees. The fact that S’Gang Gwaay is so hidden, visitors are capped at only 12 people at a time, and the island is only accessible by boat, adds to the mystery and spirituality of this unique Canadian wonder.

Take a tour with one of the Haida Watchmen, who walk visitors through the forest, explain the significance of the totem poles, and tell traditional stories.

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