Grow Spiritually in Uluru


Ayers Rock, also known as Uluru, is an instantly recognizable sandstone formation associated with Australia. Located in the north of the country, giant Uluru is thought to be 550 million years old and is a sacred place for indigenous Australians.

Climbing this sacred spot is not allowed, but the formation is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, partly due to the creation mythology surrounding Ayers Rock, but also the ancient artwork and caves at the site too.

Located in the center of the country, Uluru is the spiritual heart of Australia. Legend has it that the plateau itself is hollow and an energy source, which indigenous Australians call Tiukurpa (Dreamtime). Ancient tribes surrounding the plateau have left many stories from the “Dreamtime” painted in some of the caves in the area. It is believed that when a person goes around the plateau, they receive spiritual visions.

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