Famous Hiking Trails Around the World

We have compiled a list of some of the best and most famous hiking trails from around the world. You will find them conveniently organized by region. If you think we have missed any important trails please let us know in the comments section below.

Jotun, the fierce giant in Norse mythology, couldn’t have picked a better home than this famous National Park meaning ‘home of the giants.” It is one of the most popular hikes in Norway, spanning 14 miles one way, and offering stunning views of craggy ridges and the glacial-fed blue-green Gjende and Bessvatnet lakes. The most popular route of the hike begins at the Memurubu hut, followed by a ferry ride to Gjende.

The trail ascends 1,200 feet along narrow rocky ridges with frequent sheer drop-offs until it reaches a height of 5,719 feet, but the climb is not dangerous. It’s not a difficult or technical trek but can take eight hours so hikers should be relatively fit and accustomed to the outdoors.

King Alfonso XIII had the walk made into 1921 to open a dam on the Guadalhorce River. It wasn’t until recently that the 2 mile stone pathway built into but barely attached to the side of a cliff became a daredevil excursion. The three foot wide path has whole segments missing and crumbling away due to years of neglect, but people still flocked to attempt a crossing, GoPros in tow, until four people fell to their deaths in 2000 and the path was closed.

It is currently being renovated and a far safer path is intended to open in 2015, allowing people to take in gorgeous views of El Chorro Gorge from a much safer vantage point.

Spanning three countries, this famous hike through the Alps covers 170 kilometers and takes 7-10 days to complete. The route encircles the Mont Blanc Massif and passes through seven picturesque valleys. There are multiple routes, depending on the hiker’s skill level, fitness and endurance, but each route has ample options for lodging and meals along the way. Though in-depth experience is not necessary, being acclimated to long hours of walking through mountain country is helpful.

Though you do not need to have much hiking and climbing experience for this trail, it is highly recommended that you have the right gear, a guide, no fear of heights, and have hiked a via ferrata before. Via ferrata is Italian for iron roads, and they are basically metal ladders built into a cliff wall that hikers can ascend with safety wires.

They were originally used in World War I by the Italian military, but now they Leukerbad Via Ferrata is a popular hiker’s attraction. It’s a 1.28 mile hike to the vertical cliff face, and then an additional 3,280 foot elevation gain. Get ready for a tough 8 hour trip, but the view of the meadows and tiny Swiss town makes the prospect enticing.

Though no ropes or other gear are required, you don’t want to take this hike lightly. It’s total of 5.75 miles, 2 of which have steep, knife-edge drop-offs on either side. It is full of tough terrain and daunting precipices, so you must be wary of not making a mistake, and in the winter time climbing gear is absolutely necessary. When you’re not afraid of taking your eyes off every step you make, you can enjoy the rugged Scottish Highlands, including Ben Nevis, the tallest peak in the British Isles.

Meaning “Blue Path” in Italian, this 12 kilometer long trail winds through all five of the beautiful towns along Italy’s northern coast. It should take no longer than six hours to complete, but part of the attraction is stopping in the five coastal towns to shop, eat, take pictures, drink wine, and enjoy yourself. There are plenty of places to stay overnight if you want to extend the trip. The walk offers some of the most stunning views in Italy and should not be rushed.

The Lycian Way is a multi-day hike around part of the coast of ancient Lycia in Turkey. It stretches from Ölüdeniz to Geyikbayırı, near Antalya over a distance of approximately 540km (335mi). It is considered one of the world’s top ten walks in the world. Summer in Lycia can get very hot, so it is recommended that you walk the route in spring or autumn; February–May or September–November.

The Haute Route is a high hiking route between Chamonix in France and Zermatt in Switzerland. The route takes around 12 days to complete the 180km (112mi) trek from the Chamonix valley, home of Mont Blanc, to Zermatt, home of the Matterhorn. The route is well signposted, non-technical (requires no ropes, crampons, or protection devices) and takes advantage of the popular mountain huts and small inns and hotels in the villages along the way.

The GR 20 is a GR footpath that crosses the Mediterranean island of Corsica running approximately north-south, described by the outdoor writer Paddy Dillon as “one of the top trails in the world”. The whole trail is about 180 km long, clearly waymarked throughout, the walk for most people takes around 15 days. The trail is usually considered as two parts: the northern part, between Calenzana and Vizzavona and the southern part, between Vizzavona and Conca.

Kungsleden, known popularly as “The King’s Trail”, is a hiking trail in northern Sweden between Abisko in the north and Hemavan in the south. Winding its way through one of Europe’s largest wilderness areas for a length of approximately 440km (270mi). During the winter months, it doubles as a ski trail. Throughout the trail, huts have been constructed separated by a distance that an average walker could expect to cover during the day, about 9-22kms (6-14 mi).

Of course, there are many more fantastic hiking trails that we could add to this list but we needed to stop somewhere. If you’re wondering why the trek to Mount Everest didn’t feature on this list, well that’s because we created a bucket list item, especially for that epic journey.

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  1. matt40Zarchy

    This is such an awesome post, i love a good hike. the only thing is that the Cape Town hike is not really a hike but a picture of the drive and not of Lions Head. i actually wrote about this last week, Cape Town has such amazing hikes to offer. My favourite in Cape Town is the crystal pools hike

    you can read about it here if you want

    ps. why is this thing in caps, i tried to make it lower case but couldnt. im not shouting, promise 🙂

    • Hey Matt thanks for the kind words. I get what you mean but it was the best pic we had at the time of writing. Nice post you have going there too 🙂
      Don’t worry about the caps, it doesn’t post that way.

      • matt40Zarchy

        THanks michael. really enojying the site, meet some really cool people !

        keep well 🙂

  2. Nyiragongo in DRC and Margharita Peak in Uganda are must-adds. Potentially higher on the list than Kilimanjaro!

  3. BHUTAN!!! You must add Bhutan to this list! So many great hikes, from day trips to Tigers Nest, shorter ones to other spectacular monasteries, and then for the more avid hikers you have the famous Snowman Trek. Would much rather be supporting governments of small, friendly countries like Bhutan than dictatorships like China who’ve destroyed Tibet (sorry, political rant over).

  4. Mike Robertson

    You have the Glen Coe range in there from Scotland but what about the West Highland Way, the 100 mile hike that takes you from Milngavie (pronounced Mull-Guy) up to Fort William with the option of going up the Ben if you feel fresh enough as you walk past.

    Aside from that it’s an excellent list and quite a few I did not know of, looks like I will be spending a lot more time hiking the world then…. Happy Days.

  5. You missed THE best hiking trail in the entire middle east. The Lebanon Mountain Trail. Check it out.

  6. Someone forgot about WHOLE EASTERN EUROPE 🙂 Check trek to Morskie Oko in Poland (http://www.wsj.com/articles/great-lakes-around-the-world-1405509454) or treks in Romania (Karpathian Mountains) or Georgia (Kaukasian!).

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