See the Incredible Khone Phapheng Falls


Known as Chutes de Khone, or Khone Falls, these Mekong cascades are found in an area of Laos called Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands). Although little Laos is landlocked, the country more than makes up for its lack of coastline with these stunning river rapids.

The falls are the widest in Asia and thought to be the widest in the world, stretching over 10,782 meters. This made for a formidable obstacle for those trying to use the Mekong to get to China and historic efforts to navigate through the falls all failed.

Khone Falls are also home to the plabuck, which is an endangered species of catfish and believed to be the largest freshwater fish on the planet, growing up to three meters in length and weighing up to 293 kilograms.

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