See the Incredible Tinago Falls


The beautiful mermaid-lagoon-style Tinago Falls (“Hidden Falls”) can be found on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, between the town of Linamon and the city of Iligan (a city nicknamed as the “City of Majestic Waterfalls”). The trek to the falls is mostly downhill, consisting of around 500 steps. The 73-meter drop of cold water ends in a beautiful blue lagoon and there’s also a small cave under the waterfall, where people can enter and listen to the sound of rushing water.

According to local legend, there was a powerful sultan and his wife, who was much revered and crowned king and queen by their people. However, over time they became too proud and selfish. When the queen fell pregnant, an enchantress visited the royal couple disguised as a beggar. She was turned away and therefore cursed the unborn child to be ugly. Once the baby was born, the king and queen hid the ugly child in a cave and named her Tin-ag (hidden face). The child grew up and eventually left the cave, so the enchantress visited one more and offered to make her beautiful – transforming the girl into Tinago Falls.

Although the waterfall is stunning, be advised that travel to Mindanao is not advised at present, due to local conflict.

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