Visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

London, England

Originally built in 1599 on the seedy side of the Thames, this theatre has had quite the troublesome history. Constructed during the tail end of Queen Elizabeth I’s rule, it burned down in 1613, was rebuilt on the same sight in 1614, and then closed during the rule of Oliver Cromwell in 1642. The rounded theater was finally replicated in 1997 only 230 meters away from the original sight, designed in almost exactly the same fashion, except for a few modern updates, including a fire resistant thatch roof. Playgoers can still stand in front of the stage where the peasants stood, though they aren’t made to stand among straw like in the past. The true thespian would never be able to miss attending a Shakespeare play as it was truly meant to be seen.

Why is it bucket list worthy?

This theater has been closed and burned down twice, but it still prevails.

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