The World’s Best Skydiving Locations

Skydiving usually takes its place at the top of every adrenaline junkies to do list. For the vast majority of people, their first jump is often their last. Not because of an accident, but because this is generally a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

So with that being said, you should make sure the place you pick is as epic as the freefall. Below, you will discover some of the most interesting places around the world to skydive.

As always, if you think we have missed any please let us know in the comments section below.

It’s a surprise to find a skydiving location nestled between the Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains. Skydivers can see mountains such as Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker and the rest of the Cascades as well as the Snohomish river below.

One of the world’s premier surfing destinations just happens to be a kick-ass place to jump out of a plane. A great skydiving experience for everyone wanting to see this tropical island paradise from thousands of feet in the air.

Some call this region of California the American Riviera. Skydiving here will give one aerial views of the slopes of Santa Ynez Mountains as well as the clear blue shores of the Pacific Ocean. An exhilarating experience you shouldn’t miss.

Enjoy the panoramic view above the Florida Keys including the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, coral reefs and a lot .

What better way to see the majestic Niagara Falls than by jumping out of a plane from the skies above. Be careful not to take a wrong turn or you might end up in trouble with US border control.

Described by the Kololo tribe living in the area in the 1800’s as ‘The Sme that Thunders’ and now known as the greatest curtain of falling water in the world, Victoria Falls is a spectacular sight for everyone to behold. Watching the waters’ indescribable panorama while sky diving is the main attraction for this location.

The arid lands of Namibia is yet another totally different skydiving experience. Situated in southwestern Africa, long stretches of desert sand dunes and endless blue-sky makes for the perfect panoramic view.

Another country relatively new to the skydiving scene, Mauritius is a volcanic island nation in the Indian Ocean, known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. The good thing about skydiving here is that children can also experience their first ever skydive.

One of the most southerly places to skydive on the planet. Enjoy spectacular views of one of Table Mountain, Langebaan lagoon, Robben Island, Cape Point and the city of Cape Town.

The dive here is directly over North Wollongong beach where skydivers can even see (if they’re lucky) whales and dolphins while enjoying the coastal views of southern Sydney beaches. Landing spot for skydivers is in the Stuart Park where people can also enjoy several outdoor recreation and social gatherings.

So are you ready to strap on a parachute and jump out of a plane yet? Have you already been skydiving? We’d love to hear more about your adventures in the comments below and if there are any places you think we need to add to this list, please let us know.

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5 thoughts on “The World’s Best Skydiving Locations

  1. Gustavo dias

    Wow! There are really spetacular landscapes to appreciate while jumping from a parachute in the world! I particularly loved the view of the Niagara Falls.

  2. I do miss European scenery of Skydive Rotterdam, the Netherlands. jumping right next to one of the biggest ports in the world, with a fantastic view on the River Maas, the North Sea and the city of Rotterdam and Rotterdam Port.

    It’s a unique setting jumping above a major city, altitude from 10.000 ft till 12.000 ft.
    Pictures on request.

  3. You can’t beat skydiving here in Florida, because of the amazing views and the year round mild temperatures. And the Florida skydiving hub of the Zephyrhills area is super close to the Caliente Resort & Spa which is a great place to stay!

  4. I´d add Texel, a small island in the North of The Netherlands.
    You jump on the Northern Sea and can have a view at allt he other five sialdns of the arcipelago. Unforgettable.

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