Top 15 Long-Haul Train Trips

Nothing beats train travel. Trains give you the opportunity to travel relatively quickly and comfortably from one place to another. Unlike in a plane, when traveling by train you see it all and experience the day to day of places you would otherwise hop right over. Unlike a bus, you can get up and walk around to stretch the legs and can enjoy certain amenities like dining cars and sleeper cabins.

We love a long train ride, especially those that cruise across stunning landscapes. This Wanderlist gives you 15 of the best long-haul trips that we think you should put at the top of your travel list. We have included some luxury options, as well as options easier on the wallet, so hopefully, there is something for everyone.

Happy riding!

1. Rovos Rail

Southeast Africa

One of the most luxurious experiences in Africa. Rovos Rail has several stunning routes, through South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Tanzania. The top of the top is the fourteen day trip from Cape Town to Dar es Salaam, a trip limited to 72 passengers, all personally catered to 24 hours a day.

2. Reunification Express


The Reunification Express is one of the best ways to experience everyday Vietnam. To see it all your best bet is the train that runs from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. The Reunification Express has different cabins of different classes, which allow you to choose the level of comfort you would like.

3. Bullet Train (Shinkansen)


Getting around Japan is extremely convenient with its Bullet Trains. Not only are they some of the fastest trains in the world, they are also the kings of safety and provide a sort of comfort you can’t find in other countries at such a reasonable price.

4. Himsagar Express


Want to spend a long weekend seeing India? Why not go all the way from south to north via the Himsagar Express?! This trip will take you through ten states in total, giving you a real glimpse at the country that stimulates the senses better than any in the world.

5. The Ghan


The Ghan lets you see Australia in a unique setting, taking in sites otherwise difficult to enjoy. Take a ride through Australia’s famed outback, from Aaide to Darwin. The Ghan’s four-day trip is perfect, because it makes several stops along the way, giving you time to take in all of the highlights.

6. The Indian Pacific


The Indian Pacific Railway is the longest stretch of straight railway track in the world, running all the way across Australia, from east to west, from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific.

7. Trans-Siberian Railway

Russia, Mongolia, China

By far the most famous train on our list and in the world, the Trans-Siberian is the longest railway in the world, connecting Moscow with the far east. The extensive rail has several long-haul trips to choose from, running through Russia, Mongolia, China and even into North Korea.

8. The Glacier Express


While not one of the longest routes on the list, the Glacier Express is one of the most strikingly gorgeous rides anywhere in the world. Running eight hours between two ski resorts, Zermatt and St. Moritz, this train presents you with the sheer beauty of Switzerland.

9. Bergen Railway


Again, not one of the longest trips on our list, but definitely, hands down, one of the most beautiful. Norway is unbelievably beautiful and this trip, from Oslo to Bergen lets you see the best of the best. Couple this trip with the Flam Railway and a ferry through the Fjords and you have an unbeatable trip! 

10. The Canadian


The Canadian train is perfectly named, as it gives you a glimpse into much of what makes Canada so great. Running from Toronto to Vancouver, this train takes you between two of the country’s best cities but offers so much .

11. California Zephyr

United States

The California Zephyr gives you a taste of “real America.” Take this train 52 hours from Chicago to San Francisco and you will see the plains of the Midwest, the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada. Plus, you get to check out two great cities, Chicago and San Francisco, on both ends.

12. Hiram Bingham Express


Hiking not your thing but still want to experience the awesomeness that is Machu Picchu? Try the luxurious Hiram Bingham Express train. While not light on the bo, this trip is the sort of once in a lifetime type of trip you may just want to splurge on.

13. Eastern and Oriental Express

Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore

The Eastern and Oriental Express takes you winding through the gorgeous Malaysian and Thai countryside, all while enjoying 24 hour a day luxury.Try the luxurious, four-day trip offered from Singapore to Bangk.

14. Qinghai-Tibet Railway

China, Tibet

The Qinghai-Tibet railway is the highest in the world, so high that the train actually runs oxygen through cabins to assure passengers don’t get altitude sick! This comfortable train, at a relatively affordable price, offers several awesome long-haul trips from mainland China to Tibet.

15. Venice Simplon-Orient Express

United Kingdom, Italy

The Venice Simplon-Orient is one of the most luxurious in Europe. Yes, this means a high price tag, but it is one of those experiences you may just want to splurge on once. Running from London to Venice, this train highlights the best of western Europe.

There you go, 15 awesome train trips packed into one great Wanderlist. If you think there are other long-haul trips we should add, please let us know in the comments section below.

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