Top 20 Places to See Street Art

Long gone are the days where graffiti is viewed only as vandalism, carried out by young troublemakers or criminals. Street art has taken over cities around the globe and we could not be more excited about it! After all, what could be better than giant, colorful murals turning otherwise grimy parts of a city into gorgeous pieces of art? We love the ability of street art to stir the pot a little, add to political dialogue and express the hopes, fears, and ideas of a population.

We have put together this Wanderlist of our top destinations to see awesome street art, hoping to inspire you to check out the free art galleries displayed on city walls. That said, expect this list to change over time, with explosions of colorful expression popping up in even the most remote corners of the world.

1. Cape Town

South Africa

Cape Town’s incredible street art puts you face to face with the best and worst of South Africa from both yesterday and today.

2. Bethlehem


The voice of Palestinians has been, in large part, silenced on the world stage, but not on the walls of Bethlehem.

3. Bangkok


One of the coolest things about the street art in Bangk is how it is often hidden in corners of the city you wouldn’t expect.

4. Melbourne


Melbourne is covered in art, highlighting the best of what the creative inhabitants of the city have to offer.

5. London

United Kingdom

London has one of the oldest street art scenes in the world, but it has blossomed into one of the top hot spots for colorful expression in recent years.

6. Prague

Czech Republic

Ironically, the street art in Prague blossomed when it was strictly prohibited.

7. Lisbon


We so much about Lisbon, the gorgeous port city and capital of Portugal, with its street art being the icing on the cake.

8. Lodz


Lodz is not only a hotspot for colorful, modern day street art, it also has a huge collection of historic graffiti.

9. Paris


Street art is as Paris as the Louvre (, maybe depending on who you talk to, but you get the idea)!

10. Berlin


Berlin’s history is one of the most interesting in the world. The same is true for its street art, which has always been among the top in the world.

11. Dublin


The historic city of Dublin has been smothered in street art over the last few years.

12. Moscow


The Russian Government may go to great lengths to crack down on self-expression, but that is what makes the street art here so unique.

13. Istanbul


Istanbul’s street art scene is growing rapidly. One of the reasons for this is the Mural Istanbul Festival in the Kadikoy neighborhood.

14. New York City, NY

United States

New York City is one of the coolest and hippest cities in the world, so it is no surprise their street art scene is on point.

15. Mexico City


Mexico is all about color. From north to south, the country adds a little color and spice. The street art in Mexico City is perhaps the best example.

16. Bogota


Bogota’s street art speaks volumes to the many positive changes that have taken places in Colombia over recent years.

17. Valparaiso


Street art is the reason to go to Valparaiso, a short trip from Santiago, Chile and a city famous for the works of art all over its walls.

18. Sao Paulo


Art is one of the things that makes Brazil, Brazil and gives it the irresistible energy that keeps drawing people in. Brazilian artists have a lot to say.

19. Rio de Janeiro


Following this legalization, the streets of Rio de Janeiro, where the inhabitants have long used art as a form of expression, have exploded with art.

20. Buenos Aires


Argentina is not just for tango any. The street art scene in Buenos Aires is tremendous. The art in this already awesome city is a bit quirky.

There you go, 20 cities where you are sure to be blown away by the number of fantastic pieces of art available to you, for free, out on the street! Think we missed somewhere? Let us know in the comments!

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