Top 25 Winter Weather Destinations

Winter is coming! Some may dread the cold winter months, but we think it is the perfect time to travel! No, we don’t just mean hopping a plane to the nearest tropical destination (although that is also a great option), we think wintery weather destinations are also definitely worth exploring.

Pack your warmest winter jacket, gloves, and hat and get yourself to one of our top 25 winter weather destinations. We have options for all year round, from both the northern and southern hemispheres.

As always, if you think we have missed any please let us know in the comments section below.

Quebec City is a winter wonderland. This city, beautiful all year round, is stunning in the wintertime! Don’t miss the Quebec Winter Carnival, which will make even the most sceptical souls fall in with the season.

Breckenridge is an adorable little town, nestled in the heart of the Rockies. Aside from being a superb ski resort, Breckenridge also has a great nightlife and tons of other winter activities for all tastes.

In 2002, Park City hosted the Winter Olympics and now offers visitors the chance to partake in all the thrill of the Olympic games. The city is super fun, has great restaurants and an excellent nightlife, and has activities for people of all ages.

Stowe is the perfect escape from northeastern city life. Make sure to check out the awesome craft beer scene in the city. Take a brewery tour, visit the many cozy bars throughout the city and don’t forget to take a break from beer and have yourself a icious hard cider!

Bend is a cool city with lots of winter fun to be had, on and off the ski slope. Ski Mt. Bachelor, a dormant volcano, or do something a bit different and go winter biking on a fat tire bike. There are also tons of great craft beer breweries in the area.

Big Sky, Montana lets you escape the crowds that flock to Colorado and Utah and enjoy a serene break from your day to day. This area is also incredibly beautiful, with out of this world views, especially during the winter.

Jackson Hole is another stunningly beautiful getaway in the Rockies, offering a fantastic escape, where you can enjoy wide open spaces. The town itself has a cozy, wild west feel to it that will make you feel right at home. You can also find some of the best skiing around here. Jackson Hole is an excellent winter vacation choice.

Not too far from Cape Town, the Matroosberg Nature Reserve is an escape for those wanting to totally disconnect for a bit. Matroosberg lets you go totally off the grid, while enjoying beautiful snow-capped mountains in the background.

The Snowy Mountains, in the southeast of Australia, offer all of the best things about mountains, including incredible skiing, gorgeous winter hiking and snowshoeing. After a day full of adventure, spend your evenings enjoying absurdly icious food at world-renowned restaurants and on days you want to just relax, go driving through the beautiful surrounding areas and check out Australia’s capital city, Canberra.

The Barossa Valley is Australia’s wine country and while visiting vineyards may seem like of a warm-weather activity, this region has a load to offer during the winter. Enjoy a tranquil time of year, loing out on snow-dusted vines, sipping new releases, at a discounted price.

This winter, don’t just sit inside doing nothing, book a ticket and get backpacking! Enjoy the unique experience of visiting these 25 places while they are coated with snow and take in the best winter activities that the world has to offer.

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