Go Night Diving in the Maldives


Depth: 17m (56ft)
Visibility: 20m (66ft)

Maaya Thila is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. Known for the crystal clear turquoise waters and underwater hotels the Maldives tops the list as most desirable dives.

Maaya Thila layers out in depths from 6meters to 30meters and is decorated in soft coral reef and gorgonians, caves and rock overhangs. Grey reef sharks stroll the outskirts but it’s the white tips that are prominent in strong currents closer to the reef.

Batfish, parrotfish, butterfly fish, lionfish, and great barracuda also adorn this breathtaking dive site. However, it’s the night dive that makes Maaya Thila one of a kind.

On the night dive one gets to experience getting up close and personal with white tip sharks, moray eels, sea turtles, octopus and ghost pipe fish. This dive will truly change your life.

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