Best Places To Go Cave Diving

While SCUBA diving is considered extreme to some people, if you are looking to step up your game, try your hand at cave diving. This takes the risks to a whole new level by adding the element of complete darkness, narrow shafts or tunnels that are often difficult to navigate and minimal options when something goes wrong.

Below, you will discover some of the most epic places around the world to cave and cavern diving. Please DO NOT attempt these dives without the proper training and certification.

As always, if you think we have missed any please let us know in the comments section below.

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5 thoughts on “Best Places To Go Cave Diving

  1. So many breath-taking places. I have been diving for 5 years and love it. However I never went to diving spot other than in France or Cyprus. However, I am going to Malta soon and would love to dive in the Blue hole especially if it fits with my level. I am now working for an events company in London that lists many trip / travel related events and so I am always looking for activities to do while I am traveling, I can’t stand doing nothing.

  2. Didn’t get to dive it but went snorkeling at Silfra a couple of weeks ago. Incredible experience and while the water temp was just above freezing, you don’t really feel the cold until you get out.

  3. Great list. Bookmarked. I should not be too excited with my diving trips.