24 Stunning Glaciers You Need to Visit

Looking for a scenic adventure that will take you off the beaten track? Glacier trekking could be for you. Glaciers – not to be confused with icebergs – are large and persistent bodies of ice. Glaciers form over land over many years and together with icebergs, contain most of Earth’s fresh water.

Sadly, many glaciers are rapidly shrinking, so now is the time for beginner and experienced hikers alike to check out the breathtaking sights of the world’s most beautiful frozen landscapes . Whether you’re looking to explore a glacier on a gentle one-day hike or trek a more challenging and jagged terrain over multi-day adventure, there’s plenty of glaciers that present magnificent views and experiences. Here’s  our list of 24 of the best glaciers to hike and check out.

That’s a lot of ice hey! Glaciers are one of the most humbling landforms due to their immense size and slow pace. If you haven’t visited one already, add your favorites to your own personal Wanderlist.

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