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Kendwa Rocks Full Moon Party

Kendwa is an increasingly popular beach destination in Africa. Through the years, little guest houses have started to emerge to signify the growing number of vacationers who found the beach to their liking. A stretch of coast located to the northwest of Zanzibar Island off the cost of Tanzania, Kendwa is less tidal compared to other beaches. This makes it perfect for swimming. Stunning sunsets can be witnessed here every day. The beach bar at Kendwa Rocks also features full moon parties that have backpackers and tourists raving.

bondi beach icebergs

One of the biggest attractions in Sydney, Australia is the golden sands and turquoise waters of Bondi Beach. Guests here can do just about anything they desire: go surfing, whale watching, and even go check out their artisanal products in various shops. The number of specialist bars and breweries have been increasing for years, so everyone can find something to enjoy here even if they are not too keen on swimming. Night parties are totally rad on Bondi beach too but it is New Year’s Day and Christmas when Bondi goes off.

inception music festival

The grand coast of Cancun offers all the elements of a magnificent beach perfect for beach parties, whether day or night. It has an almost year-round warm weather that makes you want to bo that plane here and now, with how winter is treating us. Naturally, it also features crystal-clear blue waters and white sands. This place goes off during Spring Break so if you are wanting to party hard, be sure to bo early. Guests can even enjoy glow in the dark and bubble parties on this side of Mexico – events no one truly resist.

Vibrant Art Deco District at Night

South Beach Miami is one fine beach. It is also an utmost fun beach destination. The nightlife is positively glittering — so alive and quirky. No wonder gays and fun-loving people flock here. The beach features a historic Art Deco architecture that everyone will just . There is even a park for fishing, tennis, and bicycling activities, Haur Park. There is also no shortage of open-air clubs and bars.

Montanita full moon party

Montanita, Ecuador is a surfing hotspot that features the country’s liveliest attractions and colorful characters. The waves here are gigantic and strong, designed to make surfers salivate. But it is not only surfers who gravitate here, anyone who is up to fun and adventure want a slice of Montanita. Partying does not stop until the wee hours of the morning. One unique aspect of this place is that is named “Little Amsterdam.” This is because it is highly tolerant of marijuana use and other activities included illegal in other countries. There is a popular Full Moon Party worth checking out too.


With 20 beaches to choose from, Buzios is a great beach party destination. The vibe is ed, laid-back and sophisticated in one. Búzios is wiy known for its sexually open atmosphere. In Brazil, there is a saying, that “no one goes home alone when partying at Buzios”. Bars and restaurants stay pretty much empty until something around 10pm and clubs normally only open after midnight but expect to party until the sun comes up.

Copacabana fireworks

Copacabana Beach did not earn its title as one of the “World’s Best Party Beaches” from MSN Travels for nothing. Parties on this beach can really go on and on. Beachgoers are not only treated to the marvelous sun, waters, and sand, they can also dance their heart out to samba beats. They can also be mesmerized by the beauty of the towering mountain of Sugar Loaf and Fort Duque while on the beach. The Army Historical Museum is located as well on this beach.

mambo beach club

Singapore might not be the first country to pop into mind when talking about beaches and beach parties, but Sentosa Island just might change this perception. Sentosa Island offers their own Ibiza-style party hotspots. During the day, tourists can bask in the sun while sipping their favorite drinks and at night. The place has a wide array of outdoor pools and beach bars, theme parks, and fancy hotels and restaurants. Tourists do not even have to worry about what their attires will be. Everyone is free to dress the way they want as they party the night away.

Full Moon Party Thailand

Beach party in Asia? Check out Haad Rin Beach in Ko Pha Ngan. One beach party scene worth checking out is the Full Moon Party. This started way back in 1985 and has grown popular today. In the full moon party, backpackers literally parties under the brightness of the full moon. Live music playing coupled with the sounds of the waves make for a great party scene, not to mention the vibrant and lively crowd. Occasionally, there will be jump rope competitions that you can join just for fun.

Goa rave

India also boasts of some great beaches, two of which are the Arjuna and Palolem beaches. Arjuna is particularly popular among hippies and backpackers. It has the usual beach party scene but the dining and shopping establishments here give off the old-style Arjuna vibe. There are some trance parties being held here too. Flea markets also abound, so tourists are not confined to doing the usual water and sunbathing activities. Palolem beach is another popular beach popular among hippies who doing unique activities such as the goa trance. If silent parties sound weird to you, then Palolem beach just might not be for you. But if you think that is totally rad, then start planning a trip to Palolem beach now.